Bottlecap babies

Season 1

Coming Soon...



Introducing BottleCap Babies ™, A collection of adorable children's toys comprising lifelike figurines in a novel and inventive configuration with Bottlecaps.


"They will make you go crazies” 

 They are cute, and fun and will be the next craze as a must have collectable toy for children of all ages.


Each of the BottleCap Babies™ will feature a character within a series, and each character will include a BottleCap Babies™ Bottlecap on top and below each character.  

The top caps can be removed and placed on soda pop bottles or water bottles to mark that drink as your own.  


The Toughian series features the toughest warriors and creatures  in the series, but they are sure to entertain our most adventurous  collectors 


The Jungle series is creative collection of lovable animal characters.  They are made from eco friendly plastic and dye and help support environmental funds.  

Character Lines


The Cutesy series features a collection

of cute, fun loving characters full of joy and cheer.  


Stay Tuned

Season 1 characters are being produced  right now!


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